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Experience the ultimate tropical vibe at your event with our professional steel drum band. Our talented musicians will bring the joy of the Caribbean to your celebration, providing the perfect ambience for sipping champagne, munching on canapés and basking in the warm hospitality of your guests.

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If you've been scouting the web for a "steel band hire near me", your search just got a lucky break. We're a seasoned steel band from Hertfordshire, boasting over 1,000 successful events in London, Essex and beyond. Every gig we do is different - because, well, every gig is different! We fit our music to the mood and the setting, promising you an event that’s as unique as you are. And don't just take our word for it, check out our website and Instagram for a glimpse of what we're about. Plus, you might have caught our faces on the telly a few times – we've had the pleasure of playing on EastEnders, and not just once but on several occasions! It's all down to our love for the music and the fact we can't help but let it show. So, if you're on the lookout for a "steel band for hire", give Big Sand Steel Band a shout. We're not just any band – we're your ticket to a true island experience. Enjoy the ride.

Party Ideas

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Add a touch of tropical rhythm into your verdant garden party or sophisticated indoor champagne reception with Big Sand Steel Band. As an experienced steel drum band, we have a knack for transforming your special occasions into lively island-themed celebrations. Our diverse repertoire, honed over 20 years of performing at a variety of parties, ensures we know exactly how to create the perfect atmosphere and get your guests moving to the beat. Our most acclaimed setup is the 3-piece band. Requiring minimal space yet delivering a rich acoustic sound, it serves as perfect background music to any gathering. And we don't just provide the tunes – we're also delighted to share a wealth of free party planning tips and ideas. After all, when you search for a "steel band for hire", you're not just looking for musicians, but partners in creating an unforgettable experience. That's the Big Sand Steel Band promise.


Wedding reception music

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Brimming with over 1,000 events' worth of experience, of which a generous half were wedding receptions, our steel drum band, Big Sand Steel Band, brings an authentic slice of Caribbean charm to your extraordinary day. Whether you're planning a tropical honeymoon, have a fondness for the delightful sound of steel pans, or simply want to infuse your wedding with a unique rhythm, we've got you covered. Explore our wedding section for a vivid pictorial journey through various venues where we've had the pleasure of providing top-quality wedding reception music. Our 3-piece band, the star of many champagne receptions, consistently delivers a tastefully refined and professional performance, adding that extra sparkle to your celebration. 

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Corporate Entertainment

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As a leading light in corporate entertainment across central London, Big Sand Steel Band is the go-to choice for many of the UK's most distinguished companies. Whether it's to add a spark to drinks receptions, enhance hospitality packages, or turn up the charm at verdant garden parties, our steel drum band delivers performances tailored to your event and venue. Big Sand Steel Band is the ultimate "steel band for hire" choice for companies keen to leave a lasting impression on clients or commemorate their success with a tropical twist. Elevate your corporate event with us - because when the steel pans play, the celebration truly begins.

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Other Services

Compositions for commercial use

In addition to our live performances, we also offer original compositions for commercial use, including film and promo soundtracks. With experienced and accomplished musicians on our team, we can create new tracks from scratch or add some steel drum magic to an existing theme. Check out the samples from our studio productions and TV recordings for the BBC to get an idea of the quality of our work. Whatever your needs, simply tell us what you're looking for and we will bring your vision to life with the unique and vibrant sound of steel drums.

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