How To Plan & Host A Party

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How To Plan & Host A Party

Become an efficient party host with our top tips and suggestions from a vault of over 1000 parties and events. Find 20 party theme ideas which venture through some exciting concepts to amuse your friends and fill your Facebook timeline with images. See how to plan a party and enjoy the process.  

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From compiling your shortlist of party entertainment ideas through to selecting the best venue, the entire process needs careful thought and execution. With some imagination, you can easily create an enjoyable party without spending too much money. This can be done by having an awareness of what your guests would really appreciate. 

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The choice of food is one critical aspect of the entire party planning strategy. Quite often at large parties, the kitchen struggles to cope with the scale of the event, so hiring a professional catering company and having a buffet layout is an effective solution to this problem. If money is not a concern, then you can significantly raise the standard by hiring the best venues.

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This idea creates wow-factor as everyone arrives and are amazed by the concept that you have managed to deliver. You could set a budget, however, it may be best to plan the party that you really want first and see what the cost will be, then do some number-crunching to make it work. 

#Toptip Guests enjoy variety at a party as it keeps them stimulated and maintains the excitement levels. This means that it would be a great idea to have more than one highlight for the event.

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Some of our clients have a live act for the reception drinks, plus another live band for dancing and sometimes a DJ and then a firework display. This sequence of events has proven to be very successful. The reception drinks usually last for about an hour or slightly longer. #Toptip Ensure that your drinks are chilled and remember to get a good supply of Ice.

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Colourful canapes are a delight and a good selection of hot food is always appreciated. Even hot potato wedges served in a paper cone, will score lots of points. Remember that presentation is everything.  

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Depending on the theme and the scale of the event, the most successful strategy is to have a steady flow of things to eat, to drink and to see. #Toptip Avoid being pinned down to a station during the party. You need to be free to mix and mingle, but also available to oversee the smooth running of all services.

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Some party hosts spend all the time cooking or serving; this is a huge mistake. Make arrangements to have all bases covered and be relaxed and well presented when your party starts. 

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In addition to the guidelines listed above, having a VIP guest is usually a good idea; the hysteria is worth the cost. These components will guarantee success. Here are some interesting party themes that you may consider: Halloween Party, 007 James Bond, Harry Potter Theme, Matrix Theme, Toga Party, Caribbean Rum Punch Party, Cowboys & Indian Theme, Bruce Lee Kung Fu Theme, Nuns & Clergy Party, World War II Theme, Flintstones Party, Doctors & Nurses Party, Amerindian Party, Mexican Mariachi Theme, Egyptian Theme, Royalty Theme, Law Lords Theme, Beach Party, Masked Ball Party. If you can think of any others, please send an email and let us know.

#Toptip Be strict with your theme to ensure that it works and have a wet weather plan. Anyone who breaches the theme should be told to go away and change before returning. It is disrespectful to ignore the instructions on a party invitation, especially if the host has spent a considerable amount of money and time in arranging the event.

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Having said that, you could be considerate and set aside an emergency wardrobe to help your guests. This may be the least stressful option and you could consider a fee for the use of an emergency outfit. 

Set a reasonable duration for the whole event and write it on the invitations. This is much better than continuing until the very last bottle of drink is finished and you are left to clear up after the hard drinkers have decided to leave. If this advice was useful and your party was a success, please send us a picture. For company parties and corporate events, there is a special page with seperate advice and a promo video.