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About us

Our band is one of the most established steel drum bands for hire and has some of the best players, you will hear this when you compare us to the other bands. We enjoy performing and you can also expect a quality service.

We offer a rhythmic 5 player ensemble (image below) to hire for summer parties, birthday celebrations, marquee events, restaurants and hotels. Booking is easy, please send an inquiry via the contact page.

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Our clients prefer the live sound of real musicians in preference to drum machines and backing tracks. This does increase the cost, but provides a level of quality and personality which connects with your guests.

Over 80% of bookings are covered by the 3 piece band because of the scale of the party or event. This option provides an uplifting and melodic repertoire as background music during a drinks party or wedding. For clients that hire the more vibrant 5 piece band, they will enjoy the benefit of 2 additional cylinders to power a highly tuned machine. Lots of reggae, lots of calypso and lots of fun if you are hosting a Hawaiian or Caribbean themed party.

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What is different about our steel drum band?

Our players, equipment, presentation and performance are developed to impress the most discerning clients. As expectations of clients have risen, our entire operation has rebooted to meet those demands. The service is guaranteed and you can expect to have lots of fun with our band.

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Below is a family fun day at a cricket club.

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Below is the 5 piece band awaiting the arrival of 200 guests at a party in Marlow.

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Below is a company networking party near Blackfriars Bridge, we used 3 players and ensured that the sound level was just right to create the perfect ambience.

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Below is another company party where our 3 players covered just the drinks reception as guests were greeted with a glass of strong rum punch.

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Below is a terrace party at a building next door to the terrace party where we were performing in the City of London.

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Online, we have an extensive footprint throughout #SocialMedia and you can follow us on Twitter/bigsands. All social media and marketing communications are managed by the band's leader who is nicknamed Bigsands.

Email responses are within 24 hours during the busy season.

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Performance & Pricing

There is a minimum chargeout rate for London and our pricing ££ is very consistent for all counties that we cover. If you send an inquiry from the contact page, we will understand your requirements and send details about the cost.

Most of our bookings are to provide quality background music for a drinks reception, this usually lasts for around 1.5 to 2 hours and this forms the basis of our pricing strategy. The 3 players ensemble covers over 80% of bookings and is the most successful format that we have used.

From start to finish, you can expect to be absorbed by the fluent musicianship and vibrant melodies from a well drilled steel drum band. The repertoire ventures through an exciting list of modern melodies and mellifluous tunes which create inspiring background music or vibrant party music when required for dancing.

You can expect to be taken on an exciting melodic journey characterised by real steel band DNA from the Caribbean, this means real musicians performing live music without backing tracks. Compare our live music with other steel bands and book with full confidence.