About Big Sand Steel Band

Live steel drum band for parties in London, steel band for Hertfordshire, for Essex, Surrey, Cambridge and many other areas.

About us

Our steel drum band has a rich history dating back to a young man with a dream and a supportive father. When his father encouraged him to start a steel drum band with his four brothers, only one had experience playing the instrument on gigs. After weeks of practice, the band was ready for its first gig, performing at Trinity College's summer ball to great acclaim. This success led to more bookings, mostly at Universities in the Oxfordshire area. Over time, the band, which was named Big Sand after a beach on the family's home island of Union Island, grew in popularity and skill, becoming one of the most sought-after steel drum bands for hire in the region. Today, with over 1,000 bookings under their belt and some of the best players in the industry, our band continues to bring the joy of Caribbean music to events around the country.

In the heart of London, event managers trust our steel drum band to bring the tropical vibes to their annual parties and conferences. Whether it's as guests arrive at a conference or during a drinks reception on a boat, our musicians know how to set the mood and get the party started. With a track record of delivering high-quality performances, we are a go-to choice for adding some Caribbean flair to any event.

Take your event to the next level with our vibrant 5-piece steel drum band. Our talented musicians have a refined technique that produces a high-quality sound, unlike the clunky, heavy-handed sounds often produced by amateur performers. This level of skill has caught the attention of the BBC's EastEnders team, leading to appearances on several episodes starting with the Walford Square carnival and continuing with the Walford Fayre and various Christmas episodes. When you choose our band, you can trust in our experience to provide a selection of quality melodies that will transform your party into a truly memorable occasion. Check out our demo samples to hear the difference in sound quality for yourself and see the image below for a glimpse of our 5-piece band in action.

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Not sure which steel drum band option is right for your event? No problem! Send us an inquiry and we will be happy to provide you with lots of advice and support to make your decision. We can also share our experiences performing at various venues and provide feedback to help you plan the perfect celebration. Trust in our expertise and let us help you create a truly memorable occasion with the vibrant sound of steel drums.

What sets our steel drum band apart from others?

Our steel drum band prides itself on delivering a top-quality performance that impresses even the most discerning clients. From the talent of our players and the quality of our equipment, to our professional presentation and attention to detail, we go above and beyond to understand and fulfill your specific event requirements. With experience working with the best party planners, we know how to deliver a seamless service that exceeds expectations. Trust in our expertise and let us help you create a truly unforgettable celebration with the vibrant sound of steel drums

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Below is the 5 piece band awaiting the arrival of 200 guests at a party in Marlow. Our band arrives an hour before the event and setting up takes less than 20 minutes.

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Below is another company party where our 3 players covered just the drinks reception as guests were greeted with a glass of strong rum punch.

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With 2023 shaping up to be another hot summer filled with parties, it's important to book your steel drum band early to secure your spot on the calendar. Don't miss out on the opportunity to bring the tropical vibes to your event – contact us now to reserve your date. Our talented musicians and professional presentation will help make your celebration a success, and with our experience in delivering top-quality performances, you can trust that we will exceed your expectations. Get in touch today and let us help you plan the perfect party with the lively and energetic sound of steel drums

If you're seeking a top-quality steel drum band for your event outside the UK, look no further! Send us an inquiry and let us bring the Caribbean vibe to your mansion, penthouse, private villa, or even your Sunseeker super-yacht. We have a strong presence on social media, including Twitter and Instagram, and our online T-shirt shop offers a range of colourful designs. All of our social media and marketing communications are managed by the band's leader, Bigsands. With a commitment to quick email responses, especially during the busy season, we are dedicated to helping you plan the perfect celebration. Don't miss out on the opportunity to impress your guests with the lively and energetic sound of steel drums – contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do your players come from? Trinidad, Jamaica, Saint Vincent and Grenada. Our band consist of a tight crew who have worked together for many years.

Q. Is your steel band based in London? Yes. 

Q. How long does your steel band play for? For most bookings it is just for the drinks reception. This can be around 2 hours. For other bookings, consideration is given for the requirements of the event.

Q. How much does your steel band cost for weddings? There is a minimum chargeout fee of £595. Our pricing model is very consistent and transparent.

Q. Do you play the wedding march? Yes.

Q. Do you have a playlist? Yes. You can rely on our experience to determine the best choices for any event.

Q. How long does your steel band take to set up? Less than 20 minutes.

Q. Does your steel band have public liability insurance? Yes. Includes over £5m indemnity.

Q. Can we take photos of the band? Yes. You are welcome to take pictures and record sound with your new iphone 14 pro max, OnePlus 10 Pro, Google Pixel 7, Sony Xperia 1 IV or any other smartphones. If you use a DJI Mavic 3 Drone or similar, we would appreciate a snippet of the footage. The new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has a 200MP Wide Camera which should capture all your friends and the band in one take. It has 3x Optical Zoom and 30x digital zoom with AI Super Resolution technology. We would love to see any photos of our band from your party. We also hope that you can use your Apple Vision Pro to listen to our music and hear much more clarity with it's rich spatial audio.

Performance & Pricing

If you're interested in hiring Big Sand Steel Band for your event, the best way to get a cost estimate is to send us an inquiry through our contact page. We have a minimum chargeout rate of £595 and our pricing is consistent across all of the counties we serve. By letting us know your specific requirements through an inquiry, we'll be able to provide you with a more accurate price quote.

Most of our bookings involve providing quality background music for a drinks reception, typically lasting 1.5 to 2 hours. Our 3 player ensemble is the most requested format and covers over 80% of bookings. When you hire us, you can expect to be treated to a live, exciting, and authentic steel drum experience - no backing tracks here! We're confident that our live music will stand out compared to other steel bands, so book with full confidence. Contact us to learn more and book us for your next event.